Cool Things About Being an Older Dad

From my life’s experiences it has made it possible for me to share part of my wisdom on being a Dad with the fathers that are younger than me. When you are 49.5 you can’t protest too much about being considered an older Dad. My daughters are 6 and 2 years old. When that first kid comes this is where the parenting begins and there is nothing that can prepare you for that. They don’t come with an instruction booklet and they probably lay in their bed and laugh at the unusual and sometimes unique way we follow the parenting rules.


  1. The after life from Texas Longhorn Football


When my life was less fulfilling and shallow the main focus for me was Texas Longhorn Football. It was even the focus for my social calendar. Today however, there is something to be said for lunch with the girls or watching Dora the Explorer and realizing that not everything can be about football.


  1. When you get older it doesn’t matter about getting up early


As you mature with your age you realize it doesn’t matter about the early morning feedings because you are already awake. 50 year old Dads don’t usually sleep till noon and you can take advantage of the time and get to know your infant daughters.


  1. Hide the remote – Sponge-bob comes on at 3:00 AM


You may not want to share the fact that Sponge-Bob has taken over where the sports center use to show on your TV screen with your friends. You are allowed to have secrets so this one can be between you and your wife. Sometimes Sponge-bob pops on the TV screen when the baby is asleep. I don’t know how that happens. It’s a strange phenomenon but one that is enjoyed.


  1. Younger parents are tech savvy


You have to know so much to be able to blog about your family, take pictures, download them and making sure everything comes out so you have all the baby pictures and they are in the right place. This was my gift from my younger parents. They showed me how to do things on my computer to be able to keep up with all the technical stuff you will need when you have small children and want lots of pictures. You know you have to brag on Facebook.


  1. The five year old puts me to shame


You know you are in trouble when the five year old daughter can beat you every time at one the games on the computer or IPad. They have the technology, I don’t.


  1. When we go out we usually go with friends


Our daughters really enjoy introducing us to the parents of their friends and sometimes the parents even go places with us. It doesn’t matter to us we always have a good time no matter who goes.


  1. It doesn’t matter about your aches and pains


The kids don’t care whether you have been up all night with a headache or leg cramps. All they care about is that it is 6:00 AM and they are ready for their day to begin. So you better get your act together because you are expected to perform whether you are hungover, or sick as a dog. By the way contrary to the commercial on TV Mom and Dads do not get sick days.


  1. Just because you are older doesn’t mean you practice medicine


But yet the younger guys seek me out at all the functions so I can tell them about their ailments and how to rid themselves of them. Because of my life experiences I’m sure is the reason, not my age.


  1. It’s too bad that you can’t turn back time


You can hear all kinds of jokes about how old I am and how I started my family so late in life. You just have to decide if you want to let it get you down or if you will rise above it.


  1. My friends get depressed when they turn 40


Letting the world go by is what they think. But what they don’t realize is that we are living for our children. You know I will be tickled pink when they turn 50, then they will have something to squawk about.


  1. Being a cool Dad

In years to come my daughter’s perception of being a cool Day may change but right now at 5 I have cleared inspection and for that I get lots of